Hair Extension Boxes

8 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Hair Extension Boxes


Custom-made hair extension boxes in any size, colour, or design are available. You may buy in quantity from hair extension boxes wholesale and have them customized to your specifications. Hair extension packaging wholesale is an excellent option for anybody looking to purchase high-quality hair extension boxes. Go Custom Boxes is a major packaging provider in the UK that provides wholesale hair extension boxes. You may obtain the greatest air extension packaging solution from the dependable Go custom boxes; they provide custom packaging design and printing services at a low cost. When you buy in bulk, you may get free design services as well as delivery of personalized boxes to your home. Browse their current assortment for simple to luxury hair extension boxes at the best prices.

How many of you guys are crazy about hair extensions? Of course, we all want to look attractive, especially when it comes to our looks, but how many of you are worried about the packaging? Those who work in this industry understand the value and significance of packaging. However, you must be aware of the power of packaging from a consumer standpoint. Or have you ever questioned why the wholesale price of hair extension boxes is rising?

Hair Extension Boxes
Hair Extension Boxes

So, to continue, as you may have guessed from the title, my today’s essay is all about hair extension boxes, in which I try to stress the point that what are the innovative methods in which you can make your hair extension packaging appealing.

Rest assured, I will also cover how you may raise the value of your product in comparison to others.

Rather than dragging things out, go right to the point and expose the hair extension boxes’ tips and methods together.

1-Use Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale:

The first approach, or hack, that I strongly advise you to explore is using wholesale hair extension packing boxes. I’m sure you’re wondering why these boxes are there. So the rationale is straightforward.

These boxes are inexpensive, but they also have a robust nature look and flexibility, so anybody of you may simply construct and design your favourite look on these boxes without asking.

2-Printable Imagination:

Printing is the next creative style you may use for your packaging and boxes. There are a plethora of styles and possibilities available, including the 3D printing aesthetic. So you can easily choose your desired style and give your extension boxes a fresh and unique look.

It is now possible to turn the ideal concept into a reality thanks to high-quality printing and cutting-edge printing procedures. When it comes to custom package printing, make sure to use pros to achieve the best results.

3-Storage Shelve Design:

The roomy shelving style is the following one. This hack design is great for you if you want to attract your consumers by providing them with more than one. It is advised to select smart extension boxes that take up less space and are ideal for displays. The smart Sleeves box shape is a better option for hair extension packing than the broader, larger box.

Considering this will assist you, you may then make portions/sections as desired. Conduct a comprehensive study before making a decision.

 4-Logo Theme Embossed Styling:

If you like decency, then this is the style for you. Choose one good logo motif from the bunch and just emboss it on your packaging. On the package, you may choose between gold and silver emboss foiling. The logo printed with gold foiling on a single coloured bespoke box looks very exquisite and lovely.

Alternatively, embossing a brand name or slogan might be a nice option. To receive the finest advice, consult a professional packaging designer.

5-Luxury Open Window Design:

If you are the one who is releasing anything new or even introducing yourself, then consider the luxury style boxing to preserve your quality. In this case, the window open style design packaging is the perfect solution for wrapping your hair extensions.

You may simply exhibit your hair extension without this so that the consumer can get a sense of your goods and quality.

 6-Packaging in bags:

Another strategy to surprise your consumers is to use the bag-style theme. This appears to be casual or simple. Adding handles to the same extension box is a terrific idea because it eliminates the need for a separate bag to transport these. Suitcase type boxes are popular for transporting hair extensions these days. For the best pricing, purchase hair extension packing bulk.

So, if you sell your goods on a regular basis, consider this easy-to-carry bag style packing to be one of the best solutions for you.

7-Experiment with Glitter Papers and Ribbons

When it comes to making anything suspicious, I propose using glitter sheets or ribbons. This is one of the most effective techniques to persuade someone. It will give your goods a luxury appearance.

And when it comes to your consumers, this technique will astound them and make your hair extension packaging stand out from the crowd.

 8-Knot or Folding

Consider the folding or knot style as another great trick for surprising your consumer and making your hair extensions package appear distinctive. Both are reasonable and simple to develop without any extra effort.

All you need to know before choosing this design is that the boxes you’re utilizing are bespoke boxes, which are high-quality and durable by nature.


The top eight trick hacks listed above are the quickest or, more accurately, the easiest and most successful ways to pack your hair extensions individually and beautifully.

Regardless, if you believe this is not the end, or if you want to learn more about hair extension boxes or their packing tactics, please contact me using the comment section box shown below.

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