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7 Winning Techniques Regarding Kraft Packaging


Choosing the correct packaging material can be tough. The reason is that there are many presents which have their unique features. It is important to select the one which will be best for your product. You need to know the features of the material and how it will affect the merchandise. A popular choice is Kraft packaging. This material has some wonderful properties, which make it preferred by a variety of businesses.

Interesting Facts about Kraft Packaging

Kraft paper is made from chemical pulp. This occurs in the Kraft procedure. Products that require a strong package are placed inside this. The boxes are made using 100% recycled material. Most of the boxes get made with this and are therefore environmentally friendly. A variety of printing techniques can be carried out on the material allowing the box to stand out.

The following are seven techniques you should know about Kraft boxes so that your brand can be prominent.

1.  High-Quality Material

Kraft tends to be of premium quality. The boxes made from this are popular due to their sturdy feature. The natural brown color allows the box to look wonderful. Because of their sturdiness, the packaging is usually employed in the retail market. You can get the material in a certain thickness. According to what your merchandise is, you can choose the best one.

It is possible to get them made from one layer of Kraft paper or triple-walled corrugated cardboard when wanting something stronger. Therefore, if you want to make shipping boxes, you can choose the corrugated option. It would be best if you chose the right level of sturdiness.

2.  Can Handle Different Pressures

The material can handle common pressure placed on packing. This is why it is popular with some products. The boxes can give the best resistance to stains, dust, as well as moisture. These things can harm products like food. You need to keep the products secure from these influences if you wish them to remain safe.

Customers do not like bakery products that have been affected by moisture. Therefore, choose moisture-resistant lining, for instance, with this product.

3.  Market Effectively

Custom Kraft boxes can market the product and brand. Competition for all businesses is increasing. It is necessary to stand out. Packaging can help here. Businesses need to pursue certain promotional activities so that sales occur. Kraft material gives one a wonderful marketing opportunity. You can advertise your products professionally.

It is possible to print details about the company allowing people to know about it. This includes the business name, logo, etc. These should be printed in a good font so that they are read.

4.  Keep Products Secure

Kraft boxes should keep the product safe. Their durable nature can hold the merchandise in safely. This is possible when transportation is occurring. They can also keep it safe when on a store shelf. It is the pine pulp used to make the boxes that lets them have good resistance. The material can handle various pressures put on it.

As said above, add corrugated layers according to how much strength you want for your product. Get the right size box which will limit unwanted movement from occurring. You will save money by not getting extra material as well. Add filler material if you are transporting sensitive glass products. This enhances their safety further.

5.  Special Packaging for Food

Kraft material is good to package food products. The reason is that it is made using 100% natural material. Therefore, the likelihood of dangerous chemicals going into the food is reduced. A business must choose the right material for food packaging if they do not want to harm the health of consumers.

The material should be used for storing food as it can handle the heat, moisture as well as alterations in temperature. The shelf life of the food item is increased, as it can stay fresh for more time.

6.  Customize According To Product

Custom kraft boxes are easily customizable for certain products. You can make them according to the shape, size as well as design of your choice. Sometimes retailers employe the boxes without any printing as they naturally look wonderful. However, you can design them by following certain printing techniques. It must contain a design according to the product to draw the customer’s sight.

For instance, if you are packaging jewelry, you can make the box look chic and elegant. It can have a sleek shape and use colors that suggest luxury. Make your packaging unique as much as you can. It can be oval, rectangular, square, etc. Whatever shape you choose, make sure it keeps the product inside secure.

7.  Give the Box a Professional Look

It is beneficial to allow the packaging to have a professional look to give a good image of the brand. The material can allow you to design it so that it looks professional. Rather than using many colors, choose a minimalistic design, for instance. You can add a logo in a good font on a simple box. It will allow it to stand out and look sophisticated as well. Simplicity can work wonders for some products like those for adults.

Final Words

Kraft packaging is cost-effective. It can help your brand prosper if you design it well and make it suit your merchandise. It is environmentally friendly. Therefore, consumers will like it. Because the material is easily achievable, it is not expensive. You will be investing in something that will be helping your business out. However, you need to design the boxes so that they look professional. They must stand out when placed with their competition on a store shelf. The presentation of the custom packaging is an important factor that figures out the success of the business. Kraft can help here. Choose a custom box so that you can get it according to the right shape, design, etc. of your choice.

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