7 Key Things To Do Before You Junk Your Car For Cash


Are you storing an old metal box in your backyard? To your surprise, this old metal box or your junk car is going to be the reason that the automotive recycling industry is creating a grand success of $ 25 billion US dollars annually and your car is having a share in $12 million US dollars recycled every year. It is a rare possibility that your new car has the raw material of your old one. Selling your old car is hard but practical. It is not doing any good for you but occupying space. Many junk car buyers are part of this industry but you cannot trust everyone. Here are some critical tips and tricks you should keep in mind before selling your junk car:

Collect Your Possessions:

Being a working person, your car is your second home and it is obvious to leave your possessions in the car. These belongings can be your ID card, your debit card, office files and documents, spare car and house keys, important invoices and credentials, etc. All these things are confidential and you cannot hand over them to a junk car buyer at least. So, clean your car in the first place by ensuring that all such stuff is removed and it is safe to hand over it to an anonymous person.

Squeeze Money From Car Parts:

You have to extract even a single penny from your car if possible. You have to be smart enough to get cash for cars. After pricing it from the salvage yard, consider two points:

  • Whether you are getting enough with the car parts?
  • Will it be more effective if you sell car parts separately?

In most cases, selling only the metallic body to salvage yards is a good option because junk buyers do not pay you a handsome price all over. Extract the car parts and sell them separately. It is surely going to pay you more and you will regret less on selling your partner for travel that is your old car.

Look For Perfect Deals:

Are you selling your car for cash? If yes or even no, look for perfect deals. Do not sell it in a hurry. Wait for some time and estimate the worth of your car. Some buyers can belong to your junk car and give you the price of your interest while on the other hand, some buyers will fix a standard price for your car. Ask your family and friends if they have done this before and take advice on “How can I junk my car effectively?”

Investigate About Junk Car Buyers:

Scams and frauds are part of every industry. To avoid such hassle, investigate the junk car buyer. Ask for his credentials. Check his ID card. Perform a comprehensive study on his legal record. Make sure he is not having any criminal record. The latter step is important as your junk car can be used in criminal acts and you will be interrogated for no reason. Confirm that your junk car buyer is licensed. The license ensures his credibility.

Insurance Cancellation:

Every other person in America has insured his car. Before selling your car, cancel your car insurance. You had not insured your car for others. It is done to make sure that no more payments will be made by you from now onwards and your payment will be refunded if you have done so in advance before the expiry of the policy.

You must cancel the insurance and even remove license plates before transferring ownership. There is another condition in which there is no need for insurance cancellation. If you have covered your paid amount or nothing much is going to come out of it, inform your buyer. It leads to a good and sincere connection between seller and buyer and he can bestow you with discounts.

Ensure Your Car Documents:

Make sure that you have managed your car documents effectively. Car documents include your license, ownership documents, transfer documents, and selling invoice, etc. Take everything written, signed, and stamped to avoid any further inconvenience for you as well as for the buyer.

Certified Weight Scale:

You need to become alert in the assessment of the weight scale. Have you come across a situation where you bought 2kg of fruit and found out that the fruit seller cheated you by giving the wrong measure? It happens here too. Confirm if the junk buyer has a certified weight scale and gives a perfect price according to the car’s weight.

Final Thought:

Hence, junk car selling needs proper planning and research to extract the best price to buy a new one. Protect your documents from being lost. Going through a legal process and confirming that you have a licensed buyer will not cause any problematic condition afterward.

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