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7 Important Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Chimney

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As cooking evolved from being a necessity to becoming a fun process, it has led to the creation of different kitchen appliances that help make cooking more efficient and enjoyable. Nowadays, kitchen appliances are not just tools for cooking but are necessary for all kitchen tasks. Our everyday life, to a degree, has shifted to depend on appliances. Furthermore, certain appliances assist us in our efforts to be healthy, including kitchen chimneys.


However, you may wonder why you require a chimney in the modern kitchen? In this post we will resolve all your queries regarding the need of a kitchen chimney.


Indian cooking is characterized by lots of smell, smoke, and splashes. Each meal leaves an impression on the minds who eat it, on walls, tiles, and ceilings in your kitchen. It is the point where the fireplace for the kitchen is required and has evolved into an integral element of a modern modular kitchen.


Here are seven reasons to install a chimney for your kitchen today! 


Say goodbye to the unpleasant smell

If the modular kitchen you have is connected to your living area, You must put it in a chimney to ensure that the scent of the food doesn’t disturb your guests. Chimneys aid in eliminating odors from the air and make sure that the smell of food cooked and vegetables doesn’t spread outside of the kitchen.


Chimneys can be attractive

There are numerous benefits of having a chimney. One of the main features is the visual appeal to kitchens. Every kitchen gets a huge makeover when a vent is correctly installed. The look of your kitchen is going to alter drastically! There are various types of chimneys available in the market like, duct, ductless, curved, straight, auto clean etc. Make sure to choose a chimney according to the design of your kitchen. 


It aids in keeping the kitchen neat

Are you aware of a grease substance on the granite or tiles? That’s due to the smoke released from your cooking stick to the surfaces and beginning to build up into the form of a sticky, oily mess as time passes. The tiles get dirty and dark, making the area look dirty and stained. Chimneys typically absorb all the gunk and oil in the smoke, ensuring that your kitchen is free of smoke and clean. If you’re meticulous and want to keep your kitchen clean, a chimney should be on your list of things to buy!

It regulates the temperature in the kitchen

Have you ever wondered why restaurants always have chimneys? It is because they assist in getting rid of the excessive heat when a kitchen is set up professionally. If you reside in a place that has an extremely humid and hot climate and you don’t like spending long hours cooking due to excessive heat, then buy a well-built chimney. The chimney has an integrated air conditioner inside the chimney that sucks away the heat created by the oven, stove or heater, making it easier to regulate the kitchen’s temperature.


It helps prevent irritation and sneezing while cooking

We like to include a variety of herbs in our recipes that can make people cough and feel uncomfortable. Chimneys can instantly eliminate the strong smell and smoke, making them a great place to cook food without any discomfort. If you suffer from allergies or are opposed to cutting onions or cooking tadka since they cause your eyes to water, installing a chimney into your kitchen should be your top priority.


It could increase the property’s worth

A well-maintained house is a great asset to value, and the presence of a chimney makes certain that your home looks elegant, well-designed and well-thought-out. As we said, chimneys can also aid in keeping the appearance of the area by keeping it spotless. Additionally, the resale value of properly constructed electric chimneys is decent.


It is silent and efficient

The greatest benefit of modern chimneys is that they function silently with no sound. You can listen to your favorite music while cooking or cook with complete peace, with no noise from the exhaust fan whirring away behind you. Compared to exhaust fans a kitchen chimney is a very silent operation with more powerful performance. Before buying a kitchen chimney always look for the noise level so you can get the most silent experience.



Don’t think about it. A chimney is an essential appliance in any modern kitchen, and installing one is an excellent idea since you can use it for many years without any maintenance. If you are on a budget side there are still many options to choose from. Exhaust fans are cheaper alternatives to kitchen chimneys but are not able to provide the superior performance like a chimney. It may cost you more at first but there are many benefits of it in the long term than exhaust fans. 

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