6 Stylish Ways To Wear A Leather Jacket At Work


Everyone’s wishing to look classy and trendy but not all fashionable clothes are appropriate for a workplace. While you cannot wear leather jackets in meetings and interviews, some CEOs are now wearing these confidently, as said in a Fortune’s article. We can advise you to wear a graceful leather jacket on a casual Friday, keeping in mind the basic guidelines of professional dressing.

Your personality matters a lot while communicating with colleagues on a daily basis. Being a leader, you should focus on two main aspects; flexibility and communication. It could only be possible if you better understand the personalities of your colleagues and employees.

A leather jacket offers a perfect balance of heritage and modernism and it allows you to dress up in so many stylish ways. It is an essential and attire piece of fashion to a man’s wardrobe. Leather jackets have been an important figure in the culture for years and not go away soon.  Now, this versatile outwear exists in so many designs and colors.


  • Only wear those leather jackets that are comfortable and lightweight.
  • Do not opt for sharp colors. Brown and Black jackets are advised to wear at the workplace.
  • Wear light color shirts inside.


  • Avoid jackets that are loaded with patches, zippers, and emblems.
  • Don’t experiment with those colors which you have never worn.
  • Do not wear a biker leather jacket at the workplace.

6 Stylish Ways To Wear Leather Jackets At The Workplace

Café Racer Jackets

Want to look decent at your workplace? A café racer jacket is a solution to your problem as it is recognized by a minimalistic style. You can pair it in various styles but with a white color shirt, it will give a great business casual look.

Bomber Jacket

Another addition to your business casual dressing is a bomber jacket. The bomber jacket is the oldest fashion that evolved during the First World War. It is recommended to not wear bomber jackets with patches or pockets at the workplace. It should be the basic style that can fit well with a dress pant and a plain white shirt. For a more business look, you can wear a black tie as well.

Leather Blazer

It is the wish of every business casual reader to wear fashionable clothing at the workplace. A leather blazer is a polished office wardrobe essential that can fulfill their basic business casual needs. As compared to other leather jackets, it is more formal but more casual than a regular dress. You can wear it at your workplace over a business outfit that you wear every day.

Leather Jacket With Sweater

Do you want to stay warm and comfortable this winter? A decent dark color leather jacket with a light color sweater inside will work well especially when you are at your workplace. For a bit of formal touch, you can pair it with black pants, a blue pinstripe shirt, and a black or dark color tie!

Shirt Collar Jacket

The fantastic inclusion to your business clothing is a Shirt collar jacket. It has been famous for years due to its polished and simplistic design. Pair it with a pastel color shirt and formal check trouser and make yourself stand out from other colleagues and employees.

Leather Jacket with Waistcoat

Another combo for winter that fits well with your needs and business clothing is a leather jacket with a waistcoat. For a decent business casual look, pair it up with a light color shirt, dark color waistcoat, and a regular formal trouser.

People Often Asks the Following Questions

How Do We Wear A Leather Jacket At Work?

Never think that you can’t wear a leather jacket at your workplace. Instead of wearing a biker’s style leather jacket, a leather blazer or collar bomber jacket is recommended because it meets your business casual clothing. It goes well with chinos, a collared shirt, and derby shoes.

How Can I Keep My Leather Jacket New?

  • Keep your jackets dry and avoid exposing them to water.
  • Keep them away from chemicals and heat.
  • Clean with a good quality conditioner every 6 months.
  • For professional cleaning and polishing, get it done by a leather specialist.

Can I Wear A Leather Jacket For At Workplace?

Of course, yes! We have clearly mentioned above several ways to wear this outwear at work. Café racer jackets are the top-most choice because of not being typically designed. It looks great with a necktie, chinos/jeans, a white color shirt, and formal shoes. You can replace it with a leather blazer if thinks it’s too casual but be sure to dress it professionally.

How Do We Style A Leather Blazer?

If you are going for a hangout, pair it with a turtleneck and jeans. If it is cold outside, round neck t-shirt works best.

For a formal setting, a white shirt, black chinos, and a nice necktie will look great.

Do Leather Blazers Look Stylish?

Anything can look great if you pair it with the right color combinations. Leather blazers have been in trend for years because they can be used both for business and casual wear.

What Do We Wear Inside A Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket fits with everything but it is recommended to wear with round necks and jeans/chinos for casual settings. You can also contrast with dark color pants for a catchy appearance instead of trousers.

Is A Leather Jacket Formal?

No, actually it’s not but suits well with any formal outfit. If you want to make this piece of outwear casual, try to keep it simple.

Can I Wear A Leather Jacket In An Interview?

All it depends upon the company in which you are going for an interview. If business casual outfits are allowed by the company, you can wear a leather jacket otherwise not.

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