6 Dietary Modifications To Prevent Kidney Stone Formation

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Kidney stones can be quite painful, and anyone who has experienced this can surely relate to this. The Kidney stones are recurrent and anyone who has experienced it once is more likely to get it again and again. Kidney stone are one of the most commonly encountered kidney problems.

What are kidney stones?

Renal stones or Kidney stones are solid waste material that builds up in the form of hard stones in kidneys. Generally speaking, there are four major types of kidney stones but the most common type of kidney stones are the ones made from calcium oxalate. These kidney stone range from small-sized stones to larger-sized stones which are generally problematic. 

My father used to suffer from the problem very often and used to take him to the renowned kidney doctor in Multan.The doctor revealed that kidney stone can be prevented in many ways.

How to prevent kidney stones from forming?

Some of the dietary ways to prevent kidney stone include;


As we know that Kidney stones can be generally prevented by drinking fluids. Fluid intake prevents the formation of kidney stone by diluting the volume of stone-forming material. Water intake is generally associated with the reduction in the formation of kidney stones. Other than water, several other drinks such as coffee and juices are also linked with the reduction in risk of kidney stone formation. 

However, not all liquids are good for your kidneys as sugary drinks are known to increase your risk of kidney stone formation due to their sugar content. 

Limit the intake of foods rich in oxalates

As already discussed, calcium oxalate stones constitute 80% of total kidney stone and one of the major causes behind the formation of these stones is the intake of foods rich in oxalate. You can limit the intake of foods rich in oxalate to prevent kidney stone formation. 

This is even more important for people who have recurrent kidney stone problems. Depending upon the presence of oxalate in your urine (oxalate excretion occurs through urine) you can switch to a low oxalate diet upon the recommendation of your physician. 

Monitor your vitamin C intake

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is also associated with the increased risk of kidney stone formation, excluding lemon. High consumption of vitamin C can increase the oxalate excretion in the urine due to its possible conversion into oxalate. People who excessively consume vitamin C supplements are more likely to develop kidney stone than those who don’t take these supplements.

Improve your citric acid intake

Citric acid is a type of organic acid that is naturally found in many food sources. Many fruits and vegetables are rich in citric acid content that can positively impact our kidney health. You can add these citric acid-rich foods to your diet to prevent kidney stone formation. 

Moreover, intake of citric acid-rich foods can also prevent the enlargement of previously existing kidney stones. You can incorporate citric acid by adding lemon or other citrus fruits (grapefruits, oranges, etc.) to your diet.

Consume enough calcium

A common belief about kidney stone formation says that people who develop kidney stone should stop consuming calcium-rich products; however, the claim holds no truth in it. Some studies support the fact that against this popular belief, calcium intake can reduce the risk of kidney stone formation. So, to prevent kidney stones, make sure you are getting enough calcium from good dietary sources including milk, yogurt, and cheese, etc. 

Reduce your salt intake

While there are dietary components that can increase your risk of kidney stone formation, there are several others that can reduce this risk. One of such components is the salt in your food. Salt contains sodium that increases the excretion of calcium from the body. And ultimately this reduced calcium increases your risk of kidney stone formation in the body. To minimize your salt intake, you can cut on the processed food items and prevent the formation of kidney stones. 


Kidney stone formation is a normal process that can be quite painful to bear. While there are several causes of kidney stone formation. You can prevent the formation of kidney stones by inducing minor changes in your dietary habits and ensuring better kidney health.

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