5 Types Of Social Media Videos That Best Work With E-Commerce


If you scroll through your social timeline on Facebook, you will see videos appearing every once in a while. This was not the case a couple of years ago. The video content is continuously growing to hit the media trends across all leading social platforms.

Top social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and even professional networks like LinkedIn are leveraging video content to engage viewers ever more captivatingly.

Videos allow a lot of possibilities for content presentation and user engagement. And these may get you enough attention and more interactive value on your page. So, you have the in-motion content that is more effortless, absorbing, and appealing over anything static or text-based.

When you specifically talk about e-commerce businesses, it is all about engaging users by proposing their product catalog, buying and membership offers, selling USPs, and the services and features that grant more power to their customers.

This is something that they get to promote more effectively through the content created and broadcast across the social landscape. And what’s better than an interactive and dynamic piece of video that puts across everything quickly and effectively to a more significant number of users, reaching out to the filtered group of audiences on social platforms.

But, the catch here is to know what works the best here as video content.

No matter which niche it is, you have a few categories of videos that you may find most evidently fitting with your purpose and allow you to have the desired audience response.

Let’s have a look at five types of social media videos that best work with E-commerce:

About Us Videos

Users are interested in learning about the brand before they plan to invest in it. An e-commerce store can effectively do this out of their About Us page by creating insightful and expressive videos taking their users through a brand tour.

An About Us video of an e-commerce business can pitch its brand story quite effectively. It can talk about the journey in a quick transitional recap.

This video may give a sneak peek of life at work, adding the employee events and process backdrops. This induces trust in users about the business, and they feel more familiar with you.

Here, it would be best if you did not forget to mention the critical details about the business’s inception, locations, and important numbers.

You should also add the frames that suggest your credibility as a business. Consider bringing in quick shots of your team size, work affairs, service facility, quality and safety norms you follow, and customer reviews and quotes.

And, of course, you should package it well with your brand elements to get your identity prominently displayed and hammered across the stream.

Types of About Us Videos:

  • Behind-the-scene videos
  • In-the-making videos
  • Brand information videos
  • Customer relationship videos
  • Industry affair videos

Product Close-Up Videos

A written description of a product can never bring the same feel and satisfaction as an in-motion profile capture of that product.

Just think of any product, maybe like a men’s beard trimmer, for instance. Can you even think of buying it just going through its features and specs and not seeing how it looks? You would probably never.

Seeing in believing and you need to see it to be sure that it matches your requirements and you are investing in the right product. Photos are good triggers here but imagine the possibilities several profile capture photos together in a creative sequence can offer. That’s what a Close-up Product video does.

So, it makes sense to allow your users a complete profile capture and close-up video of the product you are promoting through social media. Here, your video may incorporate a creative presentation of your product to spruce up its aesthetic value.

This way, your product can get to be featured more evidently and have the chance to attract the audiences and persuade them to purchase with you.

Types of Close-up Product Videos:

  • Product presentation videos
  • Intro and launch series videos
  • Product range videos
  • Profile shot videos

Product Overview Videos

Product overview takes you a step ahead in pitching your product profile over the product close-up shots. These videos may include in-depth details about the product. This may consist of the process which it takes to get into its final shape.

Here, the artistic nuances and product detailing, along with the material and measurement specs, can be focused on. This can show how precisely the items are manufactured or selected and how quality is assured. Here, you can also go on to share how it is packaged and delivered.

Here you can show them a demo and a real-life application of the product and explain how it works in real life. This will make your word about the product more believable. And make it more relatable and recognizable by the targeted audiences.

Product overview videos can be aimed across different stages of consumer funnels, created to build awareness, stir engagement, and drive conversions. You can have themed across product features videos, demo tutorials, comparative walkthroughs, product reviews, and customer unboxing videos.

Types of Product Overview Videos:

  • Product features videos
  • Demo and tutorial videos
  • Product review videos
  • Comparison videos

Leadership Videos

Hearing from the founding members and program leaders who brought the idea to the floor is a highly motivating and validating piece of communication for the brand followers. This shows how strong the roots of the company and plans of growth are.

This also moves people to be a part of the company’s inner dialog through regular announcements, press releases, forum interaction, live sessions, community drives, and public greetings on different occasions.

These videos can indirectly answer many points about the e-commerce business’s policies, expansion goals, product plans, and industry opinions.

These are effective ways to initiate community dialog and hold interactive Q&A sessions across consumer channels and forums through different social media platforms.

Most of the leading e-commerce companies are putting the word from the top management and leader’s board to the social podium. This has worked wonders in building trust and authority in businesses.

Types of Founder Videos:

  • Board communication videos
  • Thought leadership videos
  • Company announcement videos
  • Community drive videos
  • Public interactive session videos

Explainer Videos

You must have come across videos about businesses and companies wrapping the entire idea of the business, explaining the value it creates for its users in one terse video. These are explainer videos.

Explainer videos are an effective instrument for explaining an idea or defining a concept in an effortlessly effective way, putting it across in an invitingly creative and compact form.

Explainer videos are primarily created in animated or text-slider formats and work as effective audio-visual stimuli for the general audiences unaware of your e-commerce brand or probably know a little about the business entity.

These videos can put your concept of the product to best connect with the general audience, making it a lot smooth and easy to grasp for them. That’s how e-commerce businesses that build explainer videos get higher user attention. And response while making sure their word has been conveyed well across social media networks.

Types of Explainer Videos:

  • Motion graphics explainer videos
  • Whiteboard animation videos
  • Screencast explainer videos
  • Live-action explainer videos
  • Text-slider explainer videos

To conclude

These are the most resourceful video options that get you the needed social media attention to build an impactful e-commerce business presence. Go with the right storyboard plan, presentation idea, content resources. And media schedule to best support your e-commerce entity’s AV communication idea on social media platforms.

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