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5 Rumors about Real Estate Investment in Turkey!

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Real Estate Investment in Turkey requires a lot of effort. Especially for those who want to own a property for the first time and big investors. The real estate market of Turkey is changing rapidly. And every player should be fully aware of the market and its future direction. According to a lot of information on the Internet about investing in Turkey and real estate. This raises questions about the company’s credibility. Who puts this information on the platform and puts an account on social networks.

And we believe in the role of real estate companies in providing accurate information to those interested in investing in real estate and raising awareness of Real Estate Investment in Turkey. That’s why our property publishes educational articles on Turkish ownership. Owners of information are required to own or invest in Turkey. This article focuses on the most common misinformation about Turkish real estate.

1- Entering the Real Estate Market of Turkey Requires a lot of Money

One of the most famous rumors in the Arab market is the price of Real Estate Investment in Turkey. And many real estate investors find the cost of entering the market very high. This is not true. Most importantly, be aware and understand the market well. For example, by investing in a housing project or university dormitory, you can invest up to $ 50,000 in the Turkish real estate market. High rate of return on investment

Many large real estate investors have failed to invest due to lack of market awareness and understanding of the future prospects of the Real Estate Investment in Turkey. It is not an investment because it only focuses on the amount of investment

2. Real estate companies make a lot of money

It is undeniable that real estate companies do not work for profit. But the idea that companies advertise in the real estate industry is wrong to receive huge costs in Turkey. And because real estate costs vary from company to company. There is no fixed fee and the average cost a Turkish company receives is 3% of the property price. And they receive this cost from the project construction company, not from the customer.

Real estate companies are very expensive in the Turkish market. Lower gross margins include high taxes and other expenses of the Turkish government Related to sales

3. Fast profit

Many beginners in real estate investing in Turkey are looking for quick profits. Makes them rush to decide. And they often lose. The real estate sector is one of the growing sectors in Turkey. This provides great return on investment for all investors, but time is of the essence.

Investors’ efforts should be based on knowing the market and then choosing the best real estate in terms of area and quality. According to Real Estate Investment in Turkey, then wait. Only real estate investors make money sleeping.

4. The same is true for real estate companies

Choosing the right one for real estate companies to buy property in Turkey is important. Many inexperienced property owners believe that all real estate companies are the same and the quality of service is the same. This is not true. This has led many people who want to own real estate to choose the wrong company. Numerous advertisements on social media show that the owners are interested in Turkish real estate and have published a lot of false information about Turkish real estate.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey works to provide quality services to those trying to buy property in Turkey. Work on increasing resources and you can ask about these companies in the investment section of your embassy in Turkey. To ensure the company is good

5. Cheap accommodation in a luxurious place

Unfortunately, many believe that Istanbul has cheap real estate. Not true. There are no cheap properties in Istanbul. This is a low quality feature. Many real estate companies are only interested in selling this illusion to their customers in order to increase their sales. 

Some real estate companies use phrases like. But what people do not know about cheap apartments is:

  • Most of these projects are not located in residential areas and are far from the center of Istanbul. There is no shipping service
  • The quality of infrastructure in these areas is poor.
  • The apartments are of poor quality and most of them are old buildings.

At Real Estate Investment in Turkey, we believe in the importance of information in guiding our customers’ choices. In fact, there are many non-specialist companies in the Turkish real estate market. There are also reputable companies that sell false property information in Turkey, but are professionally committed to providing accurate information to all their customers. Pre-publication information and verification, in particular with regard to the legal aspects of Turkish property ownership. You can also visit all sections of Property for investment in Turkey for more information on getting the most important information in Turkey and getting rid of confusion.

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