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5 Reasons BTL Activations Work for Your Business

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BTL or Below the Line is a niche medium for marketing communication. BTL activations provide a more engaging and personalized experience compared to ATL (above the line) branding. Some famous examples of BTL activations are catalogs, free samples, show booths, exhibitions, telemarketing, and direct mail campaigns. BTL activities give customers and brands the chance to connect and interact one-to-one. It enables a more direct point of contact between brands and customers. Moreover, BTL activations bring to life the most out-of-the-box ideas that will attract your target audience and build brand visibility for you.


5 Benefits of Engaging in BTL Activations:

If you are not yet sure whether BTL is for you, take a look at five benefits your brand stands to gain with BTL activations:

  • Live Interaction with Your Target Audience:

As we’ve seen before, what makes BTL activations stand out among all other marketing media is that it’s the only way that brands can directly communicate with their audiences. BTL allows you the chance to connect with audiences personally. We live in an increasingly digitized world, where AI-driven chatbots have taken over even customer service. Brands communicating with customers sends the message that brands care about individual customers and are not just looking at selling their products. This approach also helps you get a deeper insight into the customer’s buying behavior for brands.

  • Creates a Niche for Your Brand:

One of the key reasons why both B2C and B2B industries use BTL as a part of their strategy is because it helps build a brand niche in the market. The global and even local markets today are nearing saturation. Nearly every product has hundreds or even thousands of competitors, targeting the same audience. It makes it particularly challenging if you own a small or medium business. A BTL activation can help you create a solid brand presence in the industry with innovative thinking and creative execution.

  • Sets Your Brand Apart from its Competition:

The most well-executed BTL activations will earn you brand recognition, but they will also distinguish your brand from the others. Getting lost in the sea of brands and products is easy, with everyone present on social platforms. Customers are flooded with ads and products to buy, whether it’s on your social feed, OTT platforms, television, or newspapers. With BTL activations, you give your brand the most significant stage to showcase the desired product and share your brand messaging to a section of your target audience.

  • Builds Brand Reputation:

 BTL activations are becoming more and more popular in the sales and marketing world. You get instant results and feedback, but they also help create positive brand recall and awareness. Imagine putting up a booth with your products in a trade fair or a mall. Your target audience will visit your outlet, meet and engage with the sales team, and probably sample your offerings. BTL activations directly contribute to higher sales and start a relationship between your business and the customer. This eventually results in a reliable brand image in the industry and increased profitability.

  • Leaves a Lasting Impression on Audiences:

Imagine you see a new product you think is appealing but don’t have the option of trying it. That is how your customer feels while looking at new products online. With BTL activations, you create stronger recall value than online ads. You also show customers exactly what your product is, the usage, etc. This way, even if they don’t immediately purchase, they will know exactly what they are getting if they choose to purchase online. This is the powerful impact that only BTL activations can have.

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BTL activities are a big part of field sales management strategies for any organization. Having credible experts to guide you through the planning and execution stage can spruce up your marketing efforts and show you tangible results. If you are still to try your first BTL activation, there’s no better time than now. Find the right team of experts to see your ideas through and bring your first BTL activation to life now!

We hope this article has been able to shed some light on the various ways that BTL activities can help your business. We’re convinced that if you take the time to develop a viable BTL campaign, and then dependably implement it, you’ll have no problem getting people excited about your brand or product, and seeing tangible sales results as a result.

Big data is a valuable tool to an organizational marketing team but it will only be effective if you figure out the right segmentation and targeting of your audience. Look at the type of people you want as clients and create personas around them. Do they work in the same industries? Are they working in small teams or large teams? Their demographics are important and so are their psychographics. Do they like hiking and camping? Then do your BTL activity outdoors. Having these insights will fast-track the success of your campaign.

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