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5 Expert Tips to Enhance Deck or Patio Space in Your Home

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Over the years, according to the home builders in San Diego, outdoor space has evolved from being a grassy space for kids and pets’ to hangout zone to a place where you can sit, relax, and get together.

However, as the deck or patio space is more like an adjoining area without walls and hard boundaries, even the savviest of decorators may find it challenging to outfit them well. Moreover, when you want to transform your deck or patio space into a functional and relaxing area, the decor has to strive with the elements, not to mention birds, bugs, and changing weather.

While the idea to create a dreamy deck or patio space seems exciting, it can be daunting if you are unaware of how to turn it into a well-designed and usable space.

Here are a few expert tips to enhance your deck or patio space to get your outdoor space project off to a great start.

  1. Add Shade

No one closes a room in the house for an entire season because they are not fit for year-round living. Instead, we update it to make it all season-friendly, right?

If you nodded in yes and want clues on how to adapt the space for the climate you are in, here you go.

To protect the space from harsh sunlight, bugs, heat, or rain, you can trick the space by installing outdoor drapes. Outdoor drapes define the space, add to the privacy, protect the color, and are the easiest way to cover up.

  • To get the heat source for the colder climates, you can use the commonly used fire pit or fireplace.
  • Another option to heat up the space is to mount heaters on the roof of your porch or install an umbrella heat lamp.

When the temperature rises, a shade source becomes more important when you do not have a covered deck or patio. You can count on a movable umbrella, an awning, and tall potted plants to block the sun rays.

Additionally, if you have a large deck area, a pergola covering the space will enhance the visual appeal and keep you cool.

  1. Lighten Up the Ambience

Unknown to many, the right amount of light in the outdoor space can help dramatically make the ambiance cozy and inviting. The outdoor lighting plays a noticeable role in highlighting and brightening up the exterior architectural features. Strategically put into place lighting can amp up the look of your patio, deck, and porch.

Do you ask, what lighting to use?

Home builders in San Diego suggest steering past the heavy spotlights and instead place subtle lighting alternatives, including:

  • Hanging string lights on poles or trees
  • Using landscape lights to mark the perimeter of patios or walkways
  • Pendent or tabletop lamp
  • Fire pits
  • Hanging lanterns
  • Electric candles and more
  1. Add Comfy Seating

The outdoor furniture should look beautiful and feel comfortable because seating is one of the central parts of creating a relaxing space to sit and chill.

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Opt for the neutral waterproof fabric or water-resistant furniture that harmonizes with your deck ambiance and adds to the comfy outdoor seating. A few seating options that are deemed ideal for lounging include:

  • Porch hanging swing
  • Patio chairs
  • Patio chaise
  • Hammocks
  • Outdoor swings
  • Armchairs
  • Movable lightweight sofas
  1. Lit the Patio and Deck Space With Accessories

You can easily add sophistication and style to the patio or deck space and make it an alluring comfort zone by adding the right kind of accessories.

To spur up the look and feel and make the patio or the deck area as you have always wanted, you can experiment with a number of accessories. Here are a few accessories you can add to your patio space:

  • Checkered flooring is versatile yet straggles the line between casual and classy.
  • The sandstone drop planter complements most flowers and enhances the home and outdoor look.
  • Add some cushions that withstand the weather and are easy to dry or clean.
  • If you are in a splurging mood, you can pop the place with sculptures or interesting paintings.
  • Adding decorative candle holders is another way to dress up the patio or deck area into a cozy space.
  • Adding a bowl filled with marbles and making it sit by the little indoor decorative fountain add a tinge of serenity to the place.

Similarly, you can choose from the N number of accessories to decorate your patio space.

  1. Add Plants to Let the Garden Blossom

According to expert home builders in San Diego, if you do not have space even to house a mini garden bed, your deck or the patio space always has places, corners, or spots to accommodate the planters. You just need to get creative.

You can check out a few flowerpots or hanging pots made of different materials, stones, shapes, sizes, and colors. And fill your deck with a few mixed types of pots that complement each other well.

Along the wall of the deck, you can also create an herb garden to add to the little greenery.

Plants tucked into the corners add an extra dose of charm to your patio space, a wave of freshness, and make it vibrant.

Wrapping Up

Adding a deck or the patio space is more like building an extension of the house. Which, like any other property project, demands planning! Get the planning done rightly, choose the best products for your deck, and see it all entailing a beautiful deck and patio space in your home.

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