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5 Amazingly Effective Tips for End of lease cleaning

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If you haven’t done bond cleaning on your own before, remember to be a little more alert than usual. Do look into a few things that often get neglected in the process. You might want to have a closer look at each one of your bedrooms. If you tend to forget or probably ignore those hard-to-reach areas, invest in a long broom and a few extension pipes for your vacuum cleaner. Let’s begin by borrowing a few tips from the experts. The following is what a highly recommended end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne would do for you:

Making A Checklist For Your Bond Cleaning

Let’s start by making a checklist of all the areas that you should clean as you move out of your house:

  • Make sure that your walls are wiped clean
  • Your window treatments should also be in top-notch condition
  • Keep your cupboards and cabinets clean and sanitized
  • Vacuum and mop your floor
  • Get rid of window cracks
  • Pay attention to your laundry room
  • Clean your curtains and blinds
  • Oven cleaning is also an important part of the end of lease cleaning
  • Clean and maintain the dishwasher before you leave
  • If you have a swimming pool, make sure to remove all the accumulated debris from it
  • Run the cleaning pump for at least 6 hours
  • Get your carpet steam cleaned if you don’t think you will be able to handle them on your own

Take Care Of Your Damages

Look around your property and make a list of all those things that may have been damaged during your stay in this house. The damage is not generally intentional, it might have happened due to wear and tear or maybe because of natural causes however it needs to be put into order to ensure you get your bond back.

  • Your ceiling could be cracking and peeling
  • You may have fading wallpaper in one of your rooms
  • Take a better look at all your carpets and identify the areas that have corroded over time
  • Do you see loose grout in between your tiles?
  • Look at your bathroom fixtures and pay attention to the enamel on your toilets and sinks
  • Remember to take care of the wooden floorboards when performing move out cleaning
  • Do you have any broken windows or probably any unhinged doors that can be risky for anyone entering your property?

These are a few measures that you will have to take as you begin with the end of lease cleaning. You will have to take care of all these issues before you move out of your property for good.

Kitchen Cleaning

Make sure to check all your kitchen appliances for any electrical malfunctioning. Clean all your surfaces and countertops before you move out. The wall behind your kitchen cabinet, the spot right underneath your dishwasher, the area under your sink, and the like should never be avoided. It is also advised to clean the backsplash regularly. It is not a good idea to clean it at the last moment because then you will be spending all your day cleaning those rings of solids that have formed on it for so many years. Make sure that all your faucets and taps are properly functioning and adequately oiled. Do not leave any rust residue behind. Ensure that none of the drains is blocked before you leave. For kitchen cleaning its best to involve a professional bond back cleaning company, especially if you have decided to do the end of lease cleaning yourself.

Bedroom Cleaning

You will also have to invest in a few bond cleaning essentials for your bedroom. The vacuum cleaner that we talked about is going to come in handy when removing those cobwebs. Remember to invest in a soft cotton cloth for those screens and tabletops. You can grab a bunch of old newspapers to clean those window glasses. Do not forget to clean your walls and vacuum your carpet as you move your stuff out of your bedroom. It is also a good idea to clean all your mirrors and the bookcase as well that came with the furnishings of the house.

Paying Attention To Your Living Room

Your living room is one of those common areas that get a lot of traffic throughout the day. You will start by cleaning your ceilings and then moving on to your fans. You will then scrub and clean out all your shelves and cabinets. Next would come to your tabletops and furniture pieces. The last stop in the move out cleaning process is going to be your carpets and your flooring. Let’s take out that vacuum cleaner again and go at it nicely.

So, these were a few tips that you can borrow from any reputable end of lease cleaning company in the city. Make sure that you follow them till the last detail if you want to get your bond money back on time.

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