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4 Types of Refrigerants By Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan

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The Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan, which has been in use for decades, is phasing out and eventually banning refrigerants altogether. R-22 was phase out in 2010 and phase out in 2015. By 2020, the use of refrigerant will be highly restrict and by 2030 it will be completely illegal.

More and more consumers are making sure that refrigerant-base machines operate in the home, business. And industrial workplace, making them an environmentally friendly, efficient, and low-cost alternative to Freon. I am looking for an item. Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan have compile a list of suitable alternatives to help those who want step-by-step assistance from the R-22. Here are four well-known refrigerants that are safe and viable alternatives to Freon. Keep in mind that each of these coolants has its own list of strengths and weaknesses. As well as some use and safety precautions to consider.

1. R-134A

Norfluline, a horoalkene refrigerant with thermodynamic properties, is commonly refer to as R-134A. R-134A consists of one component and cannot be combine like most R-12 and R-22 alternatives. This eliminates the need to use multiple recovery machines to process coolant.

According to Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan regulations, products that use or recycle mixtures require separate machines for each ingredient. Currently, R-134A is the only alternative refrigerant approve for replenishing. The R-12 air conditioning system in a vehicle, and is also the most common application. However, retrofitting must follow appropriate procedures to avoid problems and safety risks.

Retrofitting is usually a simple process. This process typically includes replacing the car’s manifold or receiver/dryer. Removing the old compressor oil, and replacing the car air conditioner’s high pressure switch. Despite the simple process, it is still important to handle it carefully and carefully. R-22 remaining in the system can lead to cross-contamination.

Cross contamination of R-22 and R-134A reduces the reliability of the vehicle’s cooling system. Raises compressor head pressure to dangerous levels and causes a complete system failure. In addition, R-134A requires a special oil blend of polyethylene or polyol ester.

R-134A is best for the environment as some experts consider it to have the least impact on the ozone layer. Some states say the potential for ozone depletion is zero, but they still don’t consider R-134A the best alternative. Remove by R-22. However, Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan is still available in Pakistan, can be purchase at most auto stores. And can be purchase in the auto segment at most big box stores.

2. R-407C

With thermodynamic properties close to those of the R-22, the R-407C is a popular replacement coolant for anyone considering refurbishing R-22 equipment. The HFC mixture consists of a mixture of pentafluoro ethane, difluoromethane, and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane. It is a widely accept replacement refrigerant infuse air conditioner. That is popular in ductless split systems and water coolers. As well as light duty air conditioning and direct expansion systems found in residential. Commercial and industrial property rights. The R-407C also works with medium temperature freezing systems.

The R-407C is use in many new accessories. New devices that use nitrogen as the retaining charge use polyol ester oil, which works best with R-407C. Although typically install on new equipment or cooling systems. R-407C will be modified for some R-22 systems as long as the oil is change in the process.

Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan is an alternative to Freon and is consider environmentally safe because it has the potential to not deplete the ozone layer. Available in both cylinders and cylinders, the R-407C can be purchase from reputable gas and refrigerant suppliers. Most of them are available on Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan.

3. R-404A

Another widely accept alternative to R-22, such as R-404A, R-407C and R-134A, has the potential. To deplete the zero ozone layer. This coolant is often use in refrigeration systems that require temperatures from -45°C to 15°C, respectively -49°F to 59°F. Its wide temperature range makes it very useful in the commercial and industrial transportation industry.    The coolant trim is similar to the R-22 and may improve performance. R-404A is consider safe in many applications because it does not react quickly with air or water. It is flammable, colorless and odorless.

However, like any other refrigerant, consumers should always take appropriate safety measures to protect themselves. Direct contact with the R-404A can cause snowstorms. Which can cause the tank to explode due to prolong exposure and overheating. Creating the effect of a missile you don’t want to put around. R-404A is very common and can be purchase at stores that specialize in heating and cooling products. You can also make it available on Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan.

4. R-410A

R-410A, a mixture of two hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, difluoromethane and pentafluoro ethane, is an ozone-depleting refrigerant. That provides better energy efficiency than both R-22 and R-407C and uses chlorine for decoration. Due to its high pressure and high cooling capacity, it is a good alternative to R-22 and improves performance. If a consumer decides to purchase a unit that uses the R-410A, the process is usually quite simple. In fact, many companies that manufacture air conditioning and refrigeration equipment use only R-410A to build their units.

Although very popular in commercial freezers, air conditioning and freezers. It is important to note that this Freon replacement does not work with R-22 HVAC Companies in Pakistan. Due to the higher pressure of the R-410A, a different manifold. Pressure gauge is require than typically use with the R-22.

The coolant, in liquid form, should be fill only with a small batch. The R-410A is sold under several brands such as AZ-20, Suva 410A, Genetron R410A, Forane 410A, EcoFluor R410 and Puron. It is very easy to buy online or at a specialize air conditioner store.

Choose an Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan

Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan might seem like it would take 14 years to decide what type of coolant to use when retrofitting or replacing R-22 tools and equipment, but finding an R-22 would reduce production requirements. It’s tough, so prices are already starting to go up. Also, if you are using it, we recommend that you modify or replace it as soon as possible.

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