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2022 Trends to Buy Items from a Furniture Store in Mississauga

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Furniture design trends don’t change fast as compared to fashionable clothes. Nevertheless, subtle shifts are taking place in furniture with time; hence, experts recommend people to keep an eye on them. Here are the characteristics furniture buyers should bear in mind while buying furniture in 2022 from a furniture store in Mississauga:

  1. Naturalness and eco-friendliness
  2. Bizarre shapes
  3. Natural colours
  4. Utility and Functionality
  5. Attention to detail

Possibilities for Furniture Regarding Home Decor in 2022 

Before we unveil furniture design trends, we want to highlight the possibilities concerning furniture decor in 2022.


People will appreciate the interior design freedom and personalization for home décor in 2022. Thus, homeowners will prefer choosing furniture based on their desires, needs, and taste preferences. You may see a modern furniture item, such as a minimalist armchair with a vintage chest of drawers in homes.      


Natural material furniture items will remain a choice for interior home décor. You may find roughly-knit wooden tables and chairs in homes alongside upholstery reflecting the natural tones with simplicity & functionality.   

Unusual Material Combinations:

Furniture with unusual material combinations will remain in demand in 2022. For instance, high-tech-style furniture made of tempered glass will catch the attention of people alongside metal furniture.

Soft and Delicate Fabric for Upholstery:

People will prefer furniture with upholstery that feels good to touch. In other words, you will see furniture in homes with soft, delicate, and silky upholstery. 

Antiquity Orientation:

Antique furniture items will gradually make their place in homes in Mississauga. Nevertheless, they will become an idea for home décor in 2022 with the smallest details. 

2022 Furniture Design Trends

Here are the design trends you should keep in mind while you buy furniture from a furniture store in Mississauga:

Colour Trends:

Shades of earth, greenery, and vegetables will especially remain popular for furniture. Here are colour trends to expect for furniture in 2022 and what they may reflect:


It is a brick shade mixed with orange, red, or ocher that looks impressive for furniture and accessories.

Mint Green:

Mint green colour looks great for furniture with sandy, coffee, and other hues.

Bottle Green:

Bottle green is an optimal colour for premium furniture items that looks amazingly elegant and fresh.


Mustard is a shade for a warm palette that reflects earth and sun. When furniture manufacturers use it in upholstery, furniture looks original and noble.   


Blue-gray on furniture combines the restraint of gray and the appeal of blue that attracts the eye inevitably.  

Furniture Material Trends:

Modern urban people at times feel an irresistible desire to merge with nature and its power. In 2022, you will find furniture designers making furniture from natural materials. Thus, you will see furniture made of wood, bamboo & rattan, stone, leather, etc., in furniture stores. Hence, you should consider these materials when you buy furniture for modern home décor.

Upholstery Fabric Trends:

In addition to the demand for natural materials for furniture, you will find solid textiles the choice for upholstery. Furniture items in 2022 will offer a discreet luxury with soft-touch upholstery. You will likely see velvet, boucle, and tweed fabrics for upholstery besides leather, silk, and linen. 

Outdoor Furniture Trends/Garden and Terrace Furniture:

Outdoor furniture will feature bright and expensive shades in 2022. In addition, the garden furniture will come in deliberately rounded or underlined strict shapes. Both of the preceding designs for furniture will also provide homeowners ample options for home décor. Wood, stone, and textiles will remain a choice for outdoor furniture.  

Furniture Painting Trend:

The most suitable option for furniture staining will remain patina or craquelure varnish. The aforementioned options for furniture staining also give furniture items an interesting vintage look. Additionally, pure white paint will remain the pick for accentuating the expressiveness of the wooden surface of country-style furniture.

As for the furniture, the leatherette sofas and puffs stand out this year , as well as the chairs made with epoxy . The coffee tables are round, combining materials such as metal, marble or wood in light tones. The borders for mirrors and ceiling lamps show off hand-woven fibers such as wicker, jute, bamboo or cattail. For the bedroom, Buona Furniture has beds, headboards, mattresses, bases and box springs in the latest style.


Furniture doesn’t follow sudden shifts as compared to fashion apparel. Nevertheless, you will see subtle shifts in furniture for home décor in 2022. In 2022, furniture buyers should take into account the following characteristics while buying furniture from a furniture store in Mississauga, such as Buona Furniture:

  1. Naturalness and eco-friendliness
  2. Bizarre shapes
  3. Natural Colours
  4. Utility and Functionality
  5. Attention to Detail

Lastly, the following furniture design trends will reflect home décor in 2022:

  1. Furniture with the shades of earthy, greenery, and vegetables
  2. Natural material furniture
  3. Upholstery with solid textiles
  4. Bright and expensive shades for outdoor furniture, with garden furniture in deliberately rounded or underlined strict shapes
  5. Patina or craquelure varnish, in addition to pure white paint.

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