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Best Of 2022 Fashion Trends is still Incoming for Everyone

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2022 fashion trends for shining shoes. Do you want to make sure that you’re able to steal the spotlight this fall when you step out in your latest stylish looks? Of course, you do!

Well, in order to do it, you’re going to have to learn about the footwear trends that are taking the fall by storm. There are all kinds of 2022 fashion trends that you’ll need to be aware of when it comes to shoes. The good news is that there won’t be any shortage of options if you’re interested in picking up a pair of the best shoes of 2022. It’ll make it easy for you to figure out how to choose new shoes that will complement almost any look.

If you want to get up-to-date as far as footwear trends are concerned, we’ve got you covered. Here are just some of the 2022 fashion trends in shoewear that you need to know about.

Slouchy Boots

Once upon a time, almost everyone’s favourite season was summer. People loved the warm weather that summer brought with it and couldn’t get enough of it. But in this day and age, surveys have shown that more people like the fall than any other season. It has turned the fall into America’s new favourite time of the year.

One of the many reasons why people love fall so much is because it provides them with a chance to pull their boots out of their closets. And that will once again be the case this year since slouchy boots are (again!) a part of the 2022 fashion trends. All of these classy boots comes in our custom boxes. And you can also check our Eco-Friendly Boxes here.

From knee-high leather boots to shorter boot styles, you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of boots. Why not pick up a new pair to celebrate the start of the fall season?

Chunky Oxfords

In past years, loafers have been the go-to shoes for a lot of those people looking to put together more formal looks for work and special occasions. But this year, one of the fun 2022 fashion trends is the emergence of much chunkier oxfords that can be dressed up or down for almost any event.

These oxfords have very bulky heels that make them an ideal choice for the colder weather that will be on the way soon. But at the same time, they’re also available in a wide range of materials and colours, which makes them every bit as stylish as you need your shoes to be.

You’ll feel like you’re ready to conquer the fall from the second that you put a pair of new oxfords on. You’ll also be amazed by how comfortable oxfords can be in spite of their appearance.

Fuzzy Slippers

If you’re someone who enjoys taking risks every now and then when you slip your feet into a pair of shoes, then you’re going to love this trend more than all of the other 2022 fashion trends listed here. There are some people who are starting to wear fuzzy slippers outside of the house in the fall.

Now, before you go and grab the same pair of slippers that you walk around your house in so that you can wear them outside, you should know that we’re not talking about those kinds of slippers. You’re not going to make out too good with slippers like that on your feet.

But you will be able to find some fancier slippers that would be great for wearing around outside. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think to wear them outside sooner once you see how comfy they can be.

Lace-Up High Heels

In about a month or so, the weather is going to begin to take a turn for the worst. It’s going to prevent you from wearing a lot of the cute high heels that you own. So you should consider taking advantage of the time that you have left by putting on a pair of lace-up high heels from I The Label. They’re going to be completely different from any of the other heels that you have in your closet right now, and you’ll love all the looks that you get because of them.

Powerful Platforms

Don’t look now, but platform shoes are officially back in business! They seem to go in and out of style every few years, and at the moment, they’re coming back in a really big way. Many designers are taking their platform shoes to the next level by making them bigger and chunkier than ever before. At the same time, they’re not relying solely on the soles of their platforms to make a strong statement. They’re also making the upper parts of their platforms every bit as powerful as the bottom parts.

You might have to relearn how to walk in platforms to make the most of the latest options. But it’ll be well worth it once you see the respect that these powerful platforms command.

Showstopping Sneakers

There’s a decent chance that you’re going to want to wear most of the other shoes mentioned here at every turn throughout the fall. But there will be times when you’ll just want to throw on a pair of sneakers to run errands or hit the gym.

When you do, you should make sure that they’re showstopping sneakers that will turn heads. Almost every major sneaker company has released several great pairs of colourful pastel sneakers in recent weeks. They would be perfect for ensuring that your fall sneakers stand out in the crowd.

Know the 2022 Fashion Trends Before Slipping Your Feet Into New Shoes This Fall

Are you on the hunt for a few pairs of shoes for the fall? You should keep the 2022 fashion trends that we’ve talked about here in mind while you’re out shopping for them.

You can really diversify your shoe collection by picking up several of these pairs of shoes. They’ll keep you looking fashionable and comfortable all fall long.

Want to read more about some of the other 2022 fashion trends that you should know about this fall? Find out all about them by checking out the other articles on our blog.

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