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16 ultra-effective tips for cleaning a mirror

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The mirror is an essential decorative accessory! New or old mirror, bathroom or decorative mirror, is expected to shine in all circumstances. But mirrors get dirty easily: fog, white marks, fingerprints. So how to clean your mirror effectively? Here are 16 ultra-effective tips for getting rid of stains!

Tip 1: Wash your mirror regularly

The first tip for cleaning a mirror is dusting and washing it almost daily. Please don’t wait for it to get covered in stains to clean it! As soon as a mark appears, remove it immediately with a soft cloth soaked in hot water with a few drops of ammonia added. Pass the fabric over the spot and let it dry. The stain will be removed without leaving any trace!

Tip 2: Properly clean your mirror

To avoid doing worse than better when you clean your mirror – and ending up with a mirror covered in traces of cleaning at the end of your cleaning session – be careful to wash your mirror like a window, removing the dust first, then passing the cloth soaked in cleaning product from top to bottom and from left to right. To wipe down your mirror without leaving streaks, you can use a squeegee.

Tip 3: Use newspaper

One of the most famous grandmother’s tricks is to use a newspaper to clean a mirror! For this, you will need 2 sheets of newspaper (or more if it is a large mirror):

  • Crumple a sheet of newspaper.
  • Dampen it lightly with water or spray a water mixture and white vinegar directly on your mirror.
  • Rub your mirror in circular motions using the crumpled-up newspaper.
  • Wipe your mirror with a dry sheet of newspaper.

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Tip 4: Use lemon

Lemon is also a natural method to remove traces of limescale, especially if your mirror is in the bathroom and regularly splashed with water:

  1. Cut a lemon in half.
  2. Gently rub the limescale with the lemon.
  3. Shine your mirror with a soft cloth.

Tip 5: Use white vinegar

Another unstoppable ingredient for cleaning a mirror: white vinegar. Mix white vinegar with a few drops of essential oil, then, using a spray bottle, spray this mixture directly on your mirror. Then, all you have to do is gently rub your mirror with a clean cloth, making small circles.

Tip 6: Use a microfiber cloth

There are specific microfiber cloths and wipes for windows and mirrors. They are great for catching dust! Just like the newspaper method, get a pair to clean your mirror :

  • Lightly dampen your first microfiber cloth with water.
  • Next, gently rub your mirror with your damp cloth.
  • Finally, wipe your mirror with your dry microfiber cloth.

Add a little natural glass cleaner or white vinegar to your material if your mirror is stained.

Also, know that the chamois is a good solution to wipe and shine a mirror!

Tip 7: Use rubbing alcohol

A stubborn stain may require stronger products, such as household methylated spirits. Also, handle it with more care: household gloves will be necessary, and avoid inhaling it (ventilate the room if possible).

  • Place a drop of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.
  • Clean your mirror with a cloth, always making small circular movements.
  • Let your mirror dry.
  • Denatured alcohol at 70°C found in pharmacies can also erase the most stubborn marks!

Tip 8: Use Ammonia

Same fight with ammonia: it eliminates stubborn stains on a mirror.

  • Place a drop of ammonia on a soft cloth.
  • Clean your mirror with a cloth, always making small circular movements.
  • Let your mirror dry.
  • Be sure to ventilate the room where your mirror is located before cleaning it. Also, avoid inhaling too much ammonia during your cleaning session.

Ammonia is particularly effective in removing fingerprints or grease and fly stains on your mirror!

Tip 9: Use a raw potato

Know that the starch of a raw potato, cut in half, effectively removes stains from a mirror. Pass half a raw potato over the entire surface of your mirror, then a soft cloth with a little white vinegar: the traces will be eliminated as if by magic!

Tip 10: Use infused tea leaves

Brewed tea leaves are also great for removing smudges from a mirror. Rub the mirror with a handful of wet, cooled tea leaves, then dry. Your mirror will look like new!

Tip 11: Use Meudon white wine

Mix Meudon white wine, Marseille soap, and a little hot water in a container. Pour this preparation on a clean cloth, then gently rub your mirror.

Tip 12: Use cotton

Take a cotton ball and pour in a little vodka or denatured alcohol at 70° minimum (which you can find in pharmacies). Rub the cotton on your mirror, then let it dry.

This technique gets rid of small stubborn stains on a mirror!

Tip 13: Use toothpaste

Is your mirror covered with small scratches? Please take out your toothpaste; it will be perfect for polishing the surface of your mirror and reducing the appearance of traces of wear!

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Tip 14: Use a toothbrush

Clean the dirty corners of your mirror using a toothbrush soaked in cleaning products! Smart!

Tip 15: Use sandpaper

Often, old mirrors are adorned with a few black spots that are difficult to remove. But, rest assured, they are not inevitable! To remove them from your old mirror, take a piece of sandpaper and very gently rub the back of the mirror. Dust and then apply a coat of special silver mirror paint.

Tip 16: Avoid fogging

To prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up every time you take a hot shower, treat your mirror with glycerin! How? ‘Or’ What? It’s simple! Wet a soft cloth with glycerin, then rub it gently on your mirror, making small circles. Next, let your mirror dry: this will protect it from fogging!

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