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Appealing to a girl and asking for a date is the main fear of most men. This fear is based on the inability of a man to make a good impression on a girl, which leads to rejection on her part. So, I have prepared the list of TOP 16 ways that will surely help guys make a good impression. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Just be yourself and you will reach your goal. You might be interested in the article 16 tops ways to impress a girl.

Girls prefer to see men with a variety of qualities. Do not be afraid of rejection from the girl. By following 16 tips, you can easily make a good impression on a girl. Of course, your goal is the attention of any girl or to impress your girlfriend.

Comments for Girls

One attribute that every girl look for in a guy is his communication skills. A guy can do wonders if he is good with the words or the way he talks to any lady. You may start with a comment on girls Facebook picture to impress her and to get her attraction you would need some effective comments for girls ideas. You may also use the same ideas to comment on your girlfriend pic so that she does not think about any other guy.

 Never Brag

The most important thing to remember well is not to brag. The girls are clearly not happy. On the contrary, they will be subdued by your politeness and self-confidence. Girls can’t stand bragging. So the first step to making a good impression on a girl is to not be boastful.

Eye Contact Is Very Important

Another important step in all respects is trust and confidence in a partner. This requires eye contact. Maintaining eye contact sends a strong signal to your partner that you are confident and feeling great. This means that you are interested in the conversation. One way to make a good impression is to maintain eye contact and passing unique comments for girls.

 Look at Yourself

One way to please a girl is to be well-groomed. Your clothing style defines your personality. Well-groomed appearance, clean and tidy clothes are also one of the ways to impress.

Don’t Criticize Her

Girls love to feel spoiled. Do not criticize their every action. You can present your point of view convincingly, while speaking softly and not directly. So always avoid criticism if you really want to please her.

Respect Her Friends

Respect for friends is one of the main ways to please the female. Girls don’t like dating guys who don’t respect their friends. Even if you don’t like them, just don’t talk about it or complain. Just like you, friends are an integral part of her life. So always respect her friends the way you would want her to respect yours.

Respect Her

Respect her! This is one way to make a lasting impression. Respect her as a person. Respect her decisions, choices, individuality. The respect is mutual. If you respect her, she will respect you.

Think Before You Say Anything

It is not always possible to talk with a girl about what you easily discuss in a male company. One wrong phrase and the whole impression will be lost.

A Girl Should Feel Special

Girls, first of all, want to see a manifestation of care. You will make a lasting impression by giving gifts and taking care of them. She will feel special and become even more interested in you.

 Be You

When talking to a girl, always be yourself. Don’t try to copy the other person’s behavior. Your openness will please the girl, as she will see that you are confident in yourself.

Listen to Her

Finally, the best way to please her is to listen carefully. Most girls complain that a man does not listen during a conversation, and as a result, they lose all interest in him. Listen to the girl and pay attention to what she says. Notice what she likes and doesn’t like. No doubt it will come in handy in the future.

Be Very Polite to Her Mom

A girl loves no one more than her mother. Try occasionally to communicate with her mother on the phone or send her SMS. And don’t forget to do something special on her birthday, like send a bouquet of flowers. Believe me, it will be more pleasant for your girlfriend than if you did all these things for her.

Important: do not be too pushy, otherwise it will look extremely suspicious.

 Memorize Her Favorite Foods and Drinks

Regardless of gender, everyone is pleased to know that someone knows about their taste preferences. If you know your girlfriend’s tastes, then you can use that to show her how much you care about her. It doesn’t matter if it’s about choosing a type of wine or buying food at a local fast food, but if you buy her what she loves before she has a chance to choose herself, it is guaranteed to make her heart melt.

Be Patient

It will take some time until she reciprocates. But don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Take every date you have as a new opportunity to learn more about her and show why you are worthy of her love.

Fancy Restaurant

Take the girl to a fancy restaurant Eating out at McDonald’s or another inexpensive place is very beneficial for a man’s wallet. But you won’t impress the girl that way. It will come out 3-5 times more expensive, but much more effective. Find out about the restaurant’s signature dish in advance and order it. Exclusive dishes are not only delicious, but also impressive. If you manage to negotiate with the chef, he will come out to greet you and accept thanks for the dish. She has seen this only in the movies and will feel like a real VIP client. It is easy to impress with a luxurious restaurant and an exclusive dish if everything is arranged with due solemnity. Where and how to find a girlfriend by Impress a Girl?

Save Her From Boredom

You are the knight, so be male: take the reins of the interaction in hand and try to avoid boring topics.

It is you who leads, as in a dance, and it is you who have the possibility to interrupt threads of conversation that you think are boring and to open new ones. You may be wondering how to tell if she is bored or not. Focus on you, always: don’t ask yourself if she is bored, rather ask yourself if you are bored.

Remember, however, to Impress a Girl yourself through emotions, through suggestive figures, in order to create a conversation that is as emotionally engaging as possible.

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