120ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery | Types Of Deep Cycle Batteries


A battery is not just a battery. Also, it just not only stores energy and then releases it when there is a need. However, many types of batteries exist nowadays. Each such batteries have its pros and cons. Therefore, while choosing a battery, you should be aware of the purpose for which you are buying it. Selecting the right battery type is way more suitable for fulfilling your purpose. Here, we will jump into the 120ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery world. Here, we will describe what they are and why they are used for?

What Is A 120ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery?

“120 Ah” is a term that means that a battery has a guarantee to generate a constant current. The constant current is 12A throughout. Also, it has a 10-hour discharge time at room temperature. If the battery belongs to C10 Class, it normally acts at a room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

Deep Cycle Batteries

People who don’t know about deep cycle batteries may think they are similar to car batteries. However, in reality, such batteries are somehow different from other batteries. It is a lead storage battery. Manufacturers’ design is so modern that it can run for a longer period. Also, deep batteries run very smoothly and reliably. However, it works sustainably until it is 80% discharged. After 80% discharging or more, you will require to charge it again. Nevertheless, the manufacturers usually recommend not to discharge it below 45%. As a result, the strategy will increase the battery’s life expectancy.

The deep cycle represents the level of Discharge. The level Of Discharge stands in contrast to other types of batteries. Hence, before you require to charge them, it offers only short bursts of energy.

Various Types Of Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries In Australia offers a few types of such batteries. Such deep cycle batteries perform the same function. However, the materials usually vary for building different types of batteries. Thus, it shows that each type of deep cycle battery has pros and cons. Let’s take thought at some of the main ones here.

Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

It is the deep cycle battery that is the oldest type of battery. However, it is still in use. You can also call it a wet cell. The name comes from a lead battery consisting of a liquid electrolyte. The electrolyte is present inside the battery. Also, it consists of water and sulfuric acid. Have you ever driven an old vehicle? Have you encountered an incident where you must work on an ancient car? If you ever encounter such a situation, you may be aware of tabs opening. You may get to know how to open the tabs. Also, how to add water to the battery on a certain occasion. However, more frequently, you need to add water to your flooded lead-acid batteries. It means such batteries require water more often.

Role Of Liquid

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries must stay upright at all times. Moreover, they always need more ventilation capacity. Therefore, the use of electrolytes is important. Hydrogen gas must exist immediately, which the batteries produce more often. Uncommonly, electrolytes inside the battery spit out of the vents during the charging process. The spitting of liquid throws the residues of acids on the battery. The residues are even left on the tray of battery or vehicle frameworks.

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Maintenance Requirements 

The Flooded Deep Cycle Battery is a type of 120ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery. They need additional maintenance. It includes adding water and removing acid residue from the tray and other battery frameworks. It also includes the checking of terminals and other surroundings. Such batteries are quite heavy. Therefore, always consider the ratio of how heavy the battery is and the amount of energy they are providing. However, all of these reasons are making its popularity less.

Valve Regulated Lead-Acid – Gel And AGM Batteries

These are other types of lead-acid deep cycle batteries. However, they are well known with a much significant improvement. These batteries don’t consist of free-flowing liquid such as electrolytes in them. Therefore, they don’t require any addition of water. They are far more expensive. Also, they often don’t last as long as flooded batteries. It usually happens in many demanding practical applications.

On the other hand, Gel batteries are good. They use a gelled electrolyte. Also, AGM batteries use a completely or partially dissolved liquid in the glass matt. If you use it and charge it properly, it won’t release any gas. However, the safety valve will open automatically if you overpressure such batteries. As a result, it will release the buildup pressure bluntly. Hence, they don’t have to remain upright. Therefore, you do not need to remove the spillage virtually. It shows that corrosion problems are very common with the flooded variety. Because of all these aspects, they are very popular in boats, visiting vehicles, and much more.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are quite possibly the future of deep cycle batteries. It occurs so because they don’t do any sort of maintenance. Moreover, it can discharge itself more deeply. It does not affect the lifespan of the batteries. Also, it charges much faster than other batteries.

Life Of Deep Cycle Batteries

Some factors can easily affect the lifespan of a 120ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery. Also, many other factors impact the life of a lead-acid battery more than lithium. In other words, lead-acid batteries are easier to abuse. However, proper maintenance can extend the life. Therefore, discharge and charge it correctly. Improper watering, over-discharging, over-charging, and under-charging a lead-acid battery regularly can greatly reduce its lifespan.

Watering the Lithium batteries is not that important, since they don’t require it. So, improper watering is not a common issue here. Also, a partial state of charge does not damage lithium batteries. Moreover, under-charging is also not the problem. So, this is not the issue at all. However, batteries can get damaged if you overcharge them. So, ensure not to charge it severely at high or below freezing temperatures. As a result, such a strategy will reduce its lifespan.

Which Battery Should You Choose?

The article taught you a little about the types of deep cycle batteries. Hence, it becomes very accurate why they are crucial for various applications. Are you still interested in enquiring about the type of battery? Do you want to know which battery you should select? Consider contacting the Deep Cycle Batteries In Australia. It will help you to choose your battery according to your needs and demands. They’ll be content to answer your queries and will assist you in deciding on the right type of battery.