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10 Tips for Getting the Best Results from Invisalign Treatment

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Do you know Invisalign braces are a great alternative to the metal brackets? They are comfortable, easy to wear and less painful for straightening your crooked and misaligned teeth. This blogpost discuses about 10 tips for getting the best possible results from Invisalign. For more information read this blog.

Clean your braces daily

The aligners enable to perform Invisalign treatment successfully. Regretfully, your braces may get stained when you do not clean them daily. So, people will begin to notice you are wearing them. Take warm water and anti-bacterial soap to get rid of bacteria and plaque buildup from your trays. Make sure you do it once in a day and keep the trays clean.

Wear aligners for 22 hours

The braces will work only when you wear them for the specified time to straighten your teeth. Mostly, this will mean committing yourself to wearing your trays for 20 to 22 hours each day. You have to remove the trays at the time of brushing, flossing, eating and drinking, than water. If you fail to do so, then you will extend the treatment timing and won’t get the desired results on time.

Follow the schedule of orthodontist

When you wear traditional braces, you need to visit your orthodontist for making routine adjustments. However with Invisalign, you need to wear a series of trays and change them in every 14 days. It is necessary to follow the schedule of orthodontist and when you forget to change the tray, you will delay the treatment process. When you worry about staying at the top of your schedule, you may think using the traditional braces.

Expect some kind of discomfort

Invisalign treatment will shift your teeth to their desired position. It may lead to some kind of discomfort and pain, particularly after you change to a new aligner tray. But the pain will go away within a few days. Your provider will ask to change Invisalign trays in every 14 days so that you can get the desired results on time. If you suffer from severe pain, then you should visit your dentist in Harley Street

Brush teeth and floss daily

You should brush teeth for at least two times in a day and floss daily. This will enable Invisalign trays to work very effectively. It means that the bacteria and germs may get trapped inside your mouth. The saliva will not reach the teeth during the day and you rinse them off properly. Make sure you brush and floss after every meal and then wear your braces. Otherwise, you may increase the risk of getting gum disease and tooth decay.

Select your old braces

Accidents can happen anytime and the new aligners may break or get lost, at times. If this happens, then you will have to look for a way to continue with the treatment process till you see your orthodontist for a new aligner. In the meantime, you can wear old braces throughout the treatment. This enables to use them as temporary retainer till you wear your new trays.

Do not eat when wearing your braces

Certain foods and beverages may cause stain marks on your aligners when you are not careful. So, you should always take out your braces at the time of eating or drinking. Though the trays won’t get damaged by eating or drinking, they will not remain clear for a very long time unless you clean them properly.

Store your braces properly

Invisalign braces make it comfortable to perform orthodontic treatment for your teeth straightening. But their virtually invisible aligners pose some challenges and they are easy to misplace. You should use a retainer case or hard container to store your braces anytime when you eat, drink or do not wear them. Take a bright colored case and store your aligners properly so that you may spot easily when keeping in your bag.

Avoid feeling discouraged

You should be conscious about your braces at the initial stage. But this does not mean you should be discouraged to undergo the treatment. You will need sometime to get used to wearing your aligners. Though you may find it difficult to talk normally at first, you will get used to it. You should continue wearing your braces and talk to the orthodontist if they are not fitting your teeth properly. Take a few weeks timing and you will enjoy wearing your braces.

See your orthodontist for checkups

With Invisalign, you need not worry about adjusting your braces and tightening them in every few weeks. Rather, you can do that on your own by changing the trays. You will still have to see your provider for the checkups and ensure the treatment is going well. The appointment will enable your orthodontist to remain on track with your treatment.

Thus, if you need to undergo Invisalign, then these tips will help to get the best possible results. You should pay heed to your orthodontist during the consultation and seek advice from the best dentist for Invisalign in London throughout the treatment.

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