10 reasons to invest in high-end beauty product

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10 reasons to invest in high-end beauty product

In a world of drugstore dupes for just about everything, it’s tough to convince yourself that shelling out the big bucks for one high-end beauty product is worth it — let alone ten. But there we were, each with our own unique beauty perspective, praying that these splurge-worthy products would totally change our lives. We have to say, we would invest all over again — and maybe you should, too.
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We’ve been spending a lot of time in the Beauty Product section of our department store lately, and we just don’t get it. Why do women spend so much money on beauty products? We’re here to explain why high-end beauty products are worth the extra pennies!
If you’re like me and don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on beauty products, I bet it never even crossed your mind to purchase a high-end foundation. If it did cross your mind, you probably wrote it off as too expensive and not worth the investment because your drugstore foundation works just fine. (I tried to write this off too. Then I received some high-end foundations as gifts around the holidays and they were game-changers.
With so many high-quality beauty products out there, it might seem excessive to purchase high-end beauty products. But consider the quality and price tag. High-end beauty products might be worth the investment, especially if your goal is to improve and maintain your looks.
High-end beauty products might seem like a frivolous splurge, but the money you spend can often lead to higher quality and longer-lasting makeup. Splurging on good products will save you money in the long run, because they last longer and apply better than cheaper ones.
When it comes to beauty products, some price tags seriously make you think twice. But the more expensive formulas can often deliver the best results, so how do you choose which splurge is worth it? We’ve narrowed down five reasons to spend big bucks on your beauty buys.
Grab a notebook and a warm beverage, it’s time to talk about why you should invest in your beauty products. Especially in hard times, we question whether it’s worth spending big bucks on eye creams and face masks. But seeing an ad for a miracle-in-a-jar can be so enticing we buy. Hoping it will deliver the promised results immediately. Then when it doesn’t, we rarely go back for more high-end products, switching over to drugstore brands or having our esthetician use them instead.
The beauty industry has long viewed products and services as separate entities. The former have been the bread-and-butter for brick-and-mortar stores, where a premium was put on selling you something to take home, while the latter—whether it meant a manicure or a facial—were offered in salons, where a premium was put on the experience.
One main reason you should opt for high-end products is they almost always have better quality than drugstore ones. High-end companies usually have more resources to make their formulas, so they can use only the best ingredients. Another reason to choose high-end products is they are less likely to cause breakouts, irritation and other side effects. Formulas used in drugstore products can sometimes be harsh, which is why you should carefully read the labels and look out for ingredients you may be allergic to or that could cause irritation on your skin.
For the past month, I’ve been trying out a slightly higher-end beauty product every other day. I’ve had 3 failed attempts and one product that I absolutely love. The product that won me over is by Tatcha. This product is a mix of an essence, serum, and moisturizer. Why it’s worth it: The formula uses time-tested Japanese ingredients in unconventional ways to create products that work with your skin instead of against it. With the serum, my skin felt smoother and tighter than ever before. It applied like a dream and made my skin glow after each use. The conditioner washed out cleanly and left my hair incredibly soft. However, the shampoo only works on normal to oily hair and has quite a strong scent. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like scented products then you may want to pass on this line.”
Why spend $20 on a hair conditioner when you could get one for as little as $5? It’s a fair question. But it’s one with a simple answer: You’re investing in the quality of your hair. It is something that can never be undervalued. Higher-end products have higher concentrations of the ingredients and actives .It will actually improve your hair texture and keep it healthy. As celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess, who counts Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale as clients, points out, “Ingredients do matter. You don’t want to be putting chemicals onto your strands all the time. That’s not cool.”

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